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I Give My Tears, by Julie Bergeron 


S oft as an angel
you entered my life
and with a glimpse of pure light
you warmed my heart.

With excitement and tenderness
I closed my eyes...
To be chosen by God
to hold your memories...

He knew my need
for the pureness of your soul...
Touching the tenderness
I didn't even know I had.


B ut as quiet and pure as the whisper of a breath,
you left, and the hurt was too painful,
and too deep for me to understand.

I clung to the emptiness
of that deep, ripping pain.
No one could comfort
the silent cry in the pit of my soul.

Every day, I labored
to hold my face high,
but I could only rest it
in my hands and cry.

Ifelt the touch of God's hand on my heart
as I laid you in the tiny little grave.
"In His Hands" it read on the stone.

I knew you were safe
and cuddled in His hands,
but I didn't realize
it would be unbearable
to continue through each day thereafter;
And that there was more comfort
and trust that I had to put in God
to heal my tears.

Now I know,
I had to give
that torn part of my heart to God,
and along with the pain
 I gave Him my tears.

~ By Julie Bergeron ~



I Give My Tears  Poem


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Isaiah 40:29


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