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On March 30, 1989, my life changed drastically
as my daughter and I were in a
traumatic car accident
and I came very near to loosing my life.

This is when I can say "My Story" really begins . . .

In His Hands

In His Hands  

"In His Hands" reflects the comfort and security that only God can provide.

Many trials have come into my life and with each struggle that I have to walk through I find myself continually resting in God's hands. He never left me or abandond me. He has always lifted me out of the whirling waters that would have destroyed me.

The painting shows the effects of the world trying to reach us, but God's power and light destroys the evil darkness and produces pure light that warms and comforts our whole body and soul.

"In His Hands?"

Iasked myself, "How long has it taken me to figure out that all this time it was me in God's hands so many times and in various ways?"   I knew it, I painted it, I wrote it, but one morning it hit me like a brick . . .

"Julie,it's you in My hands.
It's you that has been cared for all this time."

I thought it had been me putting everyone else in God's hands! I guess I was as busy as ever jumping in and out trying to make sure everyone was always in God's care. A busy little thing, and now exhausted.

I realized I, too, could relax and know the calmness of God's care. "Be still and know that I am God."   Wow, was I being still? I don't think so!  Like my little three-year-old granddaughter says with a look of . . . your not getting it! "Hellooo!"   Well, it finally hit me.

I just had to get closer to knowing who God is
and what He wanted from me.

What he wanted was my full attention . . . my life . . .my all. Not my "busyness" of taking everyone else to Him. He wanted me to really fall in love with Him and Him only. Then He would work out what it was I needed . . .I wasn't to worry.

I knew He wanted me to continue to use my art . . . and He kept telling me to help women who are hurting. So I set out trying to find these ladies . . . and they were everywhere. I would try to suggest things that could help but I would get the response, "I don't want help!"

I'd go back to God and say,
"This isn't working . . .
You told me this is what You wanted me to do
 and yet You're not making sense.
What's wrong?"

I thought of that verse that says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you."

OK, I wanted to know what does this really mean! I wanted to know how to get all these things to make sense in my life. So, I started an extended study and went as deep as I could with the resources I had.

As I began to study it was awesome
 and I seemed to find things I already knew
 but now they made sense to me

I was so excited that I put everything aside and spent every minute I could, studying on and on. I even got to the point of carrying three or more versions of the Bible, a concordance, and commentaries in the car with me. Yes, it was quite a load and was a nuisance to everyone but me.

God knew that now He had my attention. Day by day, life became an intense closer walk with Him and much more wisdom and understanding was flooding my life. I was so intent with my eyes on Him that it took about a year to see what new things He was laying in my lap to enjoy.

All the things I thought maybe He wanted me to do were now coming to light and He was telling me,

"Here, you now can have
the desires of your heart
because your desires are My desires."

Friends asked if I would teach a Bible class and others were asking how to do art therapy for the pain in their life!

Wow, all the stuff I thought God wanted me to do was now laid before me as a gift. Everything now fell together like a puzzle with every piece fitting perfectly in place.




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