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In 1972, I met my future husband, Chuck Bergeron.

He had come out west to Flagstaff to work with the mission in the printing department where my father was. Chuck was invited to our house for supper. He arrived February third and by the fifth we were on our first date, ice skating.

Chuck and Julie Bergeron 

We connected (fell in love), were engaged in May and married on July 21,1972.


My husband and I joined the same mission that my folks were in and went to Thetis Island, B.C. for missionary training. We stayed there three and half months learning many cultural, survival, and spiritual aspects of the missionary life. We then went on for more Bible training for five years. In that time we had our first three daughters.

All during this time I have always kept up with my art work, selling wherever we moved. Our children just knew that art and mom always went together. So, it was not hard to make it a normal thing in our family life.

My husband graduated from Bible school and we set off to raise the finacial support needed to keep us on the mission field. (It was during this time, that our first son was born and died.) The Lord had now called us to work in New Mexico with the Navajo Indians, which was a very familiar place for me.

The reward of missionary life
 is a lifetime experience.
What a privilege to be a part of the Lord's work!

We were on the mission field for about three years and felt the Lord was calling us to take the time to raise our children outside of the ministry. We moved to Colorado in 1981 which is where we still are.

I started making corn husk dolls and selling them in art and craft shows and shops to help pay the bills. I continued painting and was represented by an art dealer who marketed my paintings for six years.




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