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The Bergerons 

We have 4 daughters and a son. Thesa, Joy, Elisha, Janessa and Jesse.

Thesa and Joy are married and are growing in thier little families. We now have three grandaughters, Shyanne, 4 ~ Allyssa  3 ~ and now another little sweetheart, Kendall, 11 months old.

We anxiously wait for our forth grandchild now. The baby is due January, 2000.

Julie and Grandaughter Allyssa 

Granddaughter, Shyanne
at 2 yearsJulie and Grandaughter Shyanne

Allyssa as a baby.

   Allyssa, at 3years    Allyssa, at 2 1/2 yrs

at 6 weeks old.
Kendall at 5 weeks 

CuppyCake sing along

Cuppycake Sing Along

We found the origin of CuppyCake !
(Or rather, the origin found us.)

  Read this delightful note from the mother of the famous little Cuppycake.

Grandaughters Shyanne and Allyssa
Shyanne & Allyssa

Oh, what fun to be a
grandma and grandpa!


Janessa and Elisha in Russia 

Shyanne and her Grandpa
and her Grandpa


Elisha and Janessa are always off to Russia, working with "Children's Hope Chest" which works with the orphans in Russia.

I had the privilege of going over to Russia this past January with them. What a journey and a blessing to share in that compassion; or they are off working as counselors/leaders in Bible/wilderness camps. They both also work at the "Glen Eyrie Castle" under "The Navigators" in housekeeping to gain money to go back and serve as little missionaries again.

One of our sons is 18 and still lives with us. He loves music and can pick up any instrument and make it sound wonderful. He has started a band that he hopes will mature some day.

Our other son, to whom I have dedicated this site, died at birth.



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