From the heart through the Eyes of an Artist






Romans 15:32


Please come in and make yourself comfortable.   This is a place where you can relax while you visit. 

May I offer you something to drink?  

Oh, you must try one of
our desserts!

And Stroll the Garden Path!


If you listen closely, you can  eavesdrop on the Small Whispers between sisters while sipping your tea and sampling the desserts.

My dear sister . . .

    You hear me . . . you can feel my feelings.

    You are close and seem to know my thoughts
    so listen to my small whispers
    as I go through each day.

    If you are still, you will hear my heart.
    Share your heart and I will hear.



To my sister dear . . .

    It pleases me to say,
    I will be still and share your thoughts
    on this another day.
    I'll show my heart, I know it's safe,
    like treasures tucked away.

    Your feelings I know well, you see
    When you are sad I feel your pain
    and shed an aching tear.
    But, it's in your joys where I am taught
    to fill my life with cheer.

    And when I pause, yes it's true
    As I am in this whirl of life
    I feel you by my side.
    It's your small whispers that lift me high
    so I can feel the Light.
















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