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Hannah´s Prayer
From the heart of a mother (Jennifer Saake) who has found comfort and healing in the Lord from the loss of her infant daughter, Noel Alexis.  Jennifer has compiled many resources for those who are in need of information and helps, as well as stories from others who have survived the pain. 

On her Hannah´s Prayer site, she offers prayer support and comfort for those of infertility and pregnacy loss.

Hannah's Prayer Site Link


Annie's web site is a blessing to all that enter. Very informative, with lots of helps.  Annie's Home Page   is a place of spiritual encouragement.

Drop by Annie's Tea Time for a cup of tea.  Also, visit survivors of pain and illness on Annie's Chronic Illness/Pain Survivors Page.


Car Accident Family Web Site  Car Accident Circle and support group, stories, and helps on the web.  You're not alone.


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